Artist Bio

Best Canadian Artists

Ivan is a Canadian artist who for many years painted the Canadian landscape in 'Group of Seven' inspired oils. A love of France and her Mediterranean neighbours has turned his palette to vivid acrylics, better enabling him to capture and record his passion for Provencal and Tuscan villages.  For the past twenty years Ivan has marketed his work at over 500 exhibitions and shows across Canada and the US.  His paintings can be found currently worldwide in private and corporate collections.
Honouring the First Nations part of his heritage, Ivan has long had an interest in Canadian Pictograph and Petroglyph images.  This interest has inspired him to develop his unique assemblage creations using leather and natural minerals to create unique, semi abstract wall pieces.  This interest has recently morphed into a new passion for demanding and expressive abstract painting. 
A long time interest in leather as a hobby, inspired Ivan to start experimenting with Leather bracelets and necklaces and Semi-precious stones.  After only a few short years, these works are being sought by various hip boutiques and artisan shows seeking quality Canadian crafted goods.